Dr. Selina’s Story


Each one of us has a story, and this one is Dr. Selina’s story!

Dr. Selina Saffron Johnson is her official name, yet everyone calls her Dr. Selina.

Dr. Selina, MD. Ph.D., a professor of Neurology at Harvard, is well known for her compassionate work on the world’s most seductive and precious spice saffron, and her colleagues at the Boston Aging Research Institute, calls her Dr. Saffron. Saffron has been a part of a human diet and used as an herbal medicine for thousands of years. Saffron has an amazing distinct color and flavor. Finding a cure for Old Age Dementia was Dr. Selina’s Dream. From the very early in her career Dr. Selina was interested in solving the problem of age-related decline, in memory function. At first, Dr. Selina worked with saffron as an antidepressant agent and then she spent all her career on memory enhancing effects of saffron and is hopeful that saffron would do it. Dr. Selina was also a part-time geriatric physician at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). When her parents suffered Old Age Dementia, it shook her up and took additional responsibilities at the Boston Aging Research Institute working days and nights, seven days a week determined to find a cure for dementia. Dr. Selina has made many contributions to brain science working at the Institute on various projects on cognitive dysfunction and ways to increase cognition potential. Sudden tragic circumstances in her life, combined with her old age, she is now coping with dementia. However, Dr. Selina did not give up hope. She is fighting hard for a win. I knew her well when I worked with her for about ten years and then lost touch completely. And then, about 18 years later we meet again in an amazing way!

Dr. Selina, now, is a famous artist, “The Saffron Artist.” She is painting stories of the New Old Age, Coping, and Caring, expressing in distinct Saffron color paintings. They are amazingly beautiful and informative.

This story is about her tough love for humanity and medicine.

Make no mistakes; this is a story!


Time To Think Positive

I search my soul for something worthwhile I have accomplished during my life. Nothing I have done can be considered a big deal, except the fact that I worked very hard. I realize now how idiotic it was to continue making the same mistake over and over again, while expecting different results. That was foolish of me. I also realize that I had no time to socialize, even though I never liked to socialize. Maybe that’s why I became a scientist.

That is true, but it is not the whole truth. I worked any way I could to encourage young minds and enhance their education to give them a brighter future anywhere in the world. And, in some cases, I provided support. So, my lifetime of hard work is something I can be proud of. Now, I have decided to provide knowledge to people of my own age group. As we all know, old age brings many challenges, and we need to think positively.

The percentage of old people continues to grow in virtually every country in the world. The global trend is an ageing society and the number of elderly people (80 years and over) is growing fast. According to the United Nations population division, the number of elderly people in 2015 grew to 125 million. It projects that in 2050, the number of elderly people world wide will grow to 434 million. So, it is imperative that elderly people living in the twilight of their years are in good health both physically and mentally.

It is a fact that there are times when life can be hard for us; when the only thing left for us is to question our very existence. There will be times when we struggle to find reasons for living. We don’t have to give up. Pains, poverty, and loneliness may come at this stage of old age; I pledge to love my fellow human beings, no matter how others may treat the elderly. We, in America, live in a society that looks through a lens of economic efficiency. We just have to keep going in the gentlest way, and try to be busy, useful, and somewhat productive. We just have to accept that it is a different time, and the facts of life are different. It does not matter where we go at the end of our lives; our souls will always be with us.

However, ageing does have positive potential. Growing old can be a positive experience as each of us has enormous potential to grow with love and happiness. Our minds can grow and change directions with the full spectrum of talents, intelligence, and emotions.

In our old age, learning becomes important. I strive to learn every day as I live through the hours, one day at a time. The power of knowledge leads the way, lighting my path through life. As I live my life, learning is a part of living. On the one hand, recent advancements in technology have made things easy; and on the other, they have made it enormously difficult to keep up with changing developments. We live with the knowledge that the aging of both body and mind are advancing with considerable speed. I am not discouraged; rather, I take up the challenge for the benefit of technology. I am a retired life-scientist and I plan to keep up with modern knowledge. I have high hopes of learning more and presenting you with what I have learned.