I work hard at it

I am an octogenarian. To improve my memory, I work hard at it. I try to be creative and learn new things. I think the aging mind can be very powerful in charting the unknowns. It is not going to be an easy fight.

When I was young, I used to watch how an ironsmith works. First, an intense fire is lit (could be anything, at my time it was coal, nowadays in some cases, it is a burning gas); some air is pumped into it to get the flame energized. A predetermined piece of iron (mostly a rod for making a sword or knife) is put on the top of the fire and let it get red hot, once the iron gets red hot, and then ironsmith keep hammering the rod until it gets the shape he desired. That’s the technic.

It worked every time. My aging mind works the same way. One must energize his mind first (learning), then set a goal and keep hammering until you finally achieve your goal. Never, ever give up. It works.

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