Selina’s Romance

I met Mike in a coffee shop by the stadium. Mike told me his story how he got his love back with Selina. Mike was telling me stories that happened about ten years ago that day. Mikes friend David, the football player at Harvard came up with a brilliant idea. David was very smart. Although David and Selina went to the same high school, at Harvard they were not socially connected. Dr. Selina was too busy and never attended any social functions.

David’s wife Diane went out of convention invited Dr. Selina at their home for dinner. The excuse was the birthday of their two-year-old girl whose name also happened to be Selina. Selina did not refuse. They also invited Mike for their daughter’s birthday. David pretended that he has no knowledge of all these. Dr. Selina had her biggest surprise of her life seeing Mike in that day on little girl Selina’s birthday. That was the beginning of their new romance. That was the beginning of their romantic life back together again. For some reason, they never got married. I never asked anymore details other than what mike wanted to tell me. It happened so long ago before I met Dr. Selina.

I was puzzled.




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