Humanity Matters

It matters little how many diseases I have in medically advanced country, my quality of life is important to me. My time passed long time ago. But I have stories to tell of new times, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. One has to live through old age to understand fully what it has to offer for the end part of life. Maybe by stroke, by Dementia or whatever cause, we stand at risk of losing everything gained over lifetime. In our time, everything is challenging. It is challenging to do things, like, to walk, to eat, to dress, to bath or whatever we need to do live our daily lives. Every time we accomplish this by ourselves, we feel happy and feel satisfied. To enjoy it again and again, we have something to look forward to tomorrow; where tomorrow not sure. We must create and make plans something to look forward.

Humanity matters. Taking care of people with Old Age Memory Loss is a humanity issue to me. Dr. Selina’s life-long research work was to answer the questions: “Can we stop or slow ‘old age memory loss’? Can saffron in our daily diet or as a medicine help?”

So, I write.

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