Mike and Selina


Remember Mickey? (my Post, June 10,2016).

Mike was telling me his love story with Selina over a cup of coffee.

Mike’s Story:

Ravi, you know I liked sports in my high school life. When Selina left Brooklyn for Harvard I was heart broken. I did not make either in sports, or in high school. I quit. My father was very disappointed. It did not matter to my mother. She was happy as long I am in good health. And I was in good health. Some how she liked my relationship with Selina, but, she could not do anything about it. Going forward in my life, my father wanted to help me out. He offered me job in his business. My father had import business handed over by his parents. They imported coffee from Kenya, Africa. I was already eighteen years old and I wanted to explore my options in my life by myself. Besides, I did not like that business, anyway. Nevertheless, my father wanted to help. I struggled many days on his proposal. I asked my father to support me with a minimum wage/hour amount until I find something I wanted to do. My father agreed. In those days, even though I was missing Selina very much, I was not in contact with Selina either. We did not break-up last time we were together, but Selina said maybe we see each other again. She had lot in her mind, then. MiKe took a breath and continued.

I tried many things; nothing seemed to work for me. I tried truck driving, and taxi driving; I did well, but I did not like it, sitting all day. Then I tried to work with a moving company where driving and lifting skill are required. When I found out that the dispatcher policy to discriminate who goes where in what neighbor hood, I got angry and quit. It appeared to me I was getting very good in quitting. I kept on trying.

A year later, I went to Harvard campus stadium to watch a football game. The home team was playing that day. I found one my ex-classmate from high school was playing in that game. I remember I was a better player in high school than he was, but he was a far better student. After the game, I went to see him. He recognized me. We played in the same team in high school. He was happy to see me. Difference is he made it and I didn’t. He knew my parents were rich. He suggested that if I still wanted to hang around the stadium, he would talk to the management about it. Management liked my attitude and love for the game and offered me a job to become one of the team members to take care of the stadium. I accepted it and never looked for a job again. I told my father that I found what I wanted to do in my life.

It took another year for me to contact Selina. My friend encouraged me to go for it. He had brains, I didn’t. My friend knew my relationship with Selina back in high school.

I said to myself that I just met a good man.

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