Meet Selina, Love Humanity

Everybody loves Selina

Selina is more comfortable with just going with the first name. Selina was born in Vienna, Austria. Her parents were from Poland. Her elder sister, Lisa, was born in Poland. Selina’s parents escaped from oppression in humanity and fled to the United States in 1939 when she was only nine years old. I met Selina in one of my work related meetings about 35 years ago when she was a professor of biomedical sciences at a University in Massachusetts. I knew her family, and she knew ours a bit too. I with my family also escaped from oppression against humanity from one of the far-east countries in early seventy’s. We have a common bond of loving humanity. We shared our cultural diversity and immigration adjustment struggles in this country. We were friends. I retired in my sixty’s, much before her, and I moved out from the town. After we had moved out, we lost in touch with her until recently. Right after my retirement, it was Selina who told me: You are never too old, and it is never too late to do whatever you like.

Love Humanity. 

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