Five Generations Living Under one Roof


A Story of a Happy Family:

A conversation took place between family members from two of the five generations that lived under one roof Tom, a three-year-old boy, and his mother Carol, a 28-year-old physician.

Tom looked at his four-month-old sister who was naked and getting her diaper changed. “What’s that?” he asked his mom, pointing at his sister’s private part.

Carol just answered, “She is a girl.”

“Do all girls have that?” Tom asked.


Tom asked his mother, “Are you a girl?”

Carol was rushing to go to work and left without answering. Tom’s Grandma Bella and his Grandfather David had already left earlier in the day to take care of their business, which was a short walk from home. Tom’s Great Grandma Adia stayed in the house to babysit the two kids and to look after the kids’ Great-Great Grandma Selina. Selina was eighty-six years old and had mild Alzheimer’s disease. Tom’s Great-Great Grandpa had passed away a few years ago.

Tom, since he had only been in this world for three years, did not yet understand the facts of life. He was determined to understand the world. Although he was very smart, he did not ask anybody else in the house his questions. He waited for his mother.

At dinner that night, all the members in the house were at one table. Carol seemed somber and was mentally getting ready for Tom and his questions. She knew Tom very well.

Tom finally asked his mom, “Are you a girl?”

Before she could open her mouth, her mother Bella answered.

“Of course, she is a girl. She is my girl. Why do you ask?”

Tom was not intimidated at all and turned toward Bella to ask her the same question: “Are you a girl? Who is my girl?”

They all looked at each other. Tom wanted an answer.

Surprisingly, Selina spoke out first and said, “Tom, I am your girl. I don’t remember anything, Tom, and I don’t know anything. I wish I could answer you more.”

Everyone got up from their chairs, went to Selina, and kissed her. They were all happy.

What a happy family together five generations under one roof. Lucky for

Selfna that her Great Granddaughter is a physician and Selina lives with her.

Everybody loved

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