Defy Mind Aging

Defy Mind Aging.

A mind does not age, does it? If it does, it ages to perfection; like aged wine.

The cognitive function of the brain may appear to decline with age, but scientific evidence is forthcoming to demonstrate that aging brain can even work better with life experiences in an otherwise healthy individual. It’s the mind that always remains young. What is wisdom? How the oldest old get so wise? To many of us, wisdom is constructed of a few interrelated dimensions, such as self-knowledge, a thorough understanding of others, life skills and knowledge, and experience. Wise judgment is the ability to absorb, integrate and apply information to one’s life and seeing through the complexity of a situation and finding the right direction. A wise develops wisdom through reflection and integration of what they know and apply to create something more meaningful by engaging and synthesizing a new idea, entity giving a new significant identity.

The aging mind is like Nature. Nature does not age either! It is the things in the Nature that may become old and then disappears to nowhere to complete the life-cycle. Nature has its cycle too, governed by the law of the universe and the Supreme power. A mind is like a flower in your garden of life. A human life has a mind, and it is aways young and beautiful. It can create and wait till the cycle ends and then joins the soul of the body. Leaves idea seeds around it. Some regrow there; some are swept away by the wind, nature’s friend. Sometimes humans move them for their purpose. No matter what, the mind grows through human bodies, and it is always young and beautiful.

Here is a story.

About six months ago, my wife and I went to a local art show where talented artists exhibit their talents in individual booths in an organized way. We noticed that one of the artists put a big canvas standing up on the ground having lots of paints and brushes around. It was open to everybody. Anyone could paint on it, anywhere, with any color they liked. We just stood there and watched. People are having fun on the canvas with brushes and colors. It was fun to watch. On the ground just beneath the painting where it stood up on a stand, there appeared some mud. A young boy about twelve-year-old stood there for a while and put his left hand down the ground, muddled his whole palm and put on the canvas. He kept doing it over and over and again on the same spot until it became a mud painted palm. It appeared to us that the boy was expressing a new idea of a change of the color of paint by putting a contrast with a mud-stained paint. The artist lady seating there encouraged the young mind to put mud shade on the canvas whatever way the boy wanted. We watched the show for a little while and moved on to the next. On our way back we stopped by that place where the canvas was still standing up. To our amazement, most of the palm mud impression drew by the kid on the art looked very different. It appeared as if a colorful skirt of a young girl was painted around, keeping a flat mud-stained palm on it. It looked stunning. It was beautiful. The owner of the canvas must be proud of her day’s outcome. She was packing up and about to leave. I could not resist asking the owner lady about it. She pointed out a man in a wheelchair nearby who redrew the painting. I was stunned. He was an ancient man and a young mind within that had changed it to a beautiful paint of a muddled hand on the waist of a young girl? His mind is still young and beautiful. I waved my hand towards him, and he nodded back. What a brilliant mind. We left.

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