Soul Bridge to Humanity

The “oldest old” are delighted to be alive, enduring the indignities of life and celebrating its glory. The oldest old embrace their souls and speak the truth of the heart, and journeys to the silence of the heart. Each of us is a star. Our past accomplishments have made us old generational stars. Now it is time for us to build bridges to link various cultures and religions, which will bring us together to the silence of joy and allow our souls to best serve humanity.

The oldest old are in the best period of their lives. As I enter the last phase of my existence, I am more energized and enthusiastic about learning new things. All of a sudden, a light comes from nowhere, and I begin to realize the potential of creating new things. As I continue to age and peek through my window of knowledge, I begin to see my soul. I love what I see and I agree with my soul about the true nature of an aging mind. An emotional growth of wisdom and knowledge develops that many of us acquire as we age. We become creative, and our ability to learn and grasp new ideas increases significantly. I think it is the power of an aging mind, which can be very powerful in charting the unknown.



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