Serving Humanity

We are all offered opportunities randomly throughout our lives, and we make our decisions as we like. When I look back on my life, I have made individual decisions that I felt at the time offered no alternatives but to accept them. In my old age, reflecting on the judgment I made a long time ago, such as leaving my country and migrating to America, they were at times very painful.

Now when I look around, some of the newly arrived immigrants, while struggling to adjust to the environment, are also trying hard to follow their dreams of serving their country the one they have just left, and temporarily live in America as transnational migrants. Maybe they seek to develop a leadership model by living and learning abroad and then going back to their native countries with new knowledge. I think time has changed significantly, and circumstances are different; people have changed, and more changes are yet to come. Even in America, the nature of the model proclaimed by the politicians (“we work for the people”) is bound to change. Most of them work for themselves and their prosperity. It seems that there is no end to their wealth or success stories. We won’t be able to fool people anymore as much as we used to. I see similar circumstances in developing countries too.

With the advancement of technology, people can know and understand what’s around them and have the knowledge to make the right decisions for themselves using their handheld devices.

Here is a personal experience. Recently, I had my house repaired by a contractor. I noticed that one of the workers could not even understand English. The contractor had to hire somebody who was best for the job. Amazingly, I found out that he communicated through a handheld device that translated English into his native language. I could speak with him too through my handheld device. The point is, average people, the working class can update themselves with the current events if they like, anytime, anywhere every day.

We should think twice before we follow any old model that worked before. The strategy has to change. My thought for my transnational immigrant friends would be to pursue their dreams to lead the people they love so much, to go back to their people and love and work through one’s greatest efforts.

2 thoughts on “Serving Humanity

    1. I think you are referring to transnational migrants. It’s not a new idea. In Europe, especially in England, transnational migration (in practice) is a couple of hundred years old. In the US, it is since 1965 (The New Immigration Law),the transnational migrants are getting noticed. So, it is possible and doable. If you want to learn more, let me know (through discussions), I will give you further references. Thanks for reading my Blog.


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