Fear of Aging

Each of us carries the fear of aging. The question what old age is like embedded in the heart and soul of every man and woman on earth today who are in old age. Living longer in the current environment is not abnormal. Ripe old age is the fate of lucky few those who are fortunate enough to live in an advantaged world. As I move on with my life, I am writing this book for those of us who are lucky enough to live in their old age in a developed country. We need to understand how fortunate we are. In 21st Century, death before our time is a tragedy and likelihood of becoming a nonagenarian is high. It matters little how many diseases I have in a medically advanced country, my quality of life is important to me. I decided to write, and I think I am important to the world; I have things to give back. I am still learning and feel that I have something to say, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. I hope you enjoy reading what I write, and hoping it is readable.

One has to live through old age to fully understand what it has to offer for the end part of life. My personal approach to growing old and living well is to stay physically and mentally healthy as long as I can. I walk daily and read and write, eat moderately. I love walking and enjoyed walking since my childhood. As you go through life, it gets more and more interesting and complicated and at the old age, it gets less involved and has more time to read, if that’s what you like to do. I read and write a lot. I remember my son’s and my grandson’s first walk. I bear in mind that the first walk event is the beginning of the child’s becoming independent. For me it is an exciting time to have a new experience of being an octogenarian, live through it and learn as I age. I would not give up my privilege of walking which gives me independence. The habit of reading and writing gives me the ability to express myself. Everybody knows I love to talk. I will continue to carry on my patterns as long as I can.


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