Living Well Until The End

Every single time when I make a scheduled visit with my cardiologist, the first thing he asks me how I felt. And before I even have a chance to answer him, he answers for me: “Better than ever.” Then he sits down and does his routine. He is doing that for last six years in his office visits as well as any hospital visits. I believe he does that to break the ice.

I am an octogenarian. On the surface, I fight my old age and whatever comes with it, every breath every day to survive as long I am meant to. Beneath the surface and deep down near the bottom of my heart, I am also fighting my madness of quality of living. I have developed a positive habit from my cardiologist’s joke. Each day I wake up, and before going to bed, I pray to live as better than ever. I have learned to appreciate the pure joy of writing my freedom of thought and be creative. I figured it out it is all about living well until the end.

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