Only Time Will Tell

I feel like Mickey. Who is Mickey?

Mike, yes his name was Mike. Everybody in his school used to call him Mickey. He was very popular in his school days. He is the only son of a wealthy man. I heard this story from my father, who was a teacher in the same school. Mickey had always had a hard time making good enough grades to move up to the next grade. The school counselor advised Mickey’s father to get Mickey an individual house tutor for Mickey for the subjects he was failing. The loving father hired as many instructors as Mickey needed for the courses he was failing. Mickey managed to get a passing grade in each subject. Mickey still did not get promoted to the next higher class. He did not make the minimum total needed for promotion. Mickey’s father started wondering where he could find a tutor to improve Mickey’s total score. Mickey worked real hard at school learning. He was also going through a life-learning transition from adolescence to adulthood. Life was tough for him.

I am very sympathetic to Mickey. I feel the same way in my old age as I work through a transition from old age to age-less.

In my old age, starting at age 75, I have always felt like I had some health issues and problems. My primary care physician (PCP), who takes care of me, is doing his best. As old age issues arise one after another, he sends me to different specialists to take care of me. I got a cardiologist, then a lung specialist, a urologist, a clinical psychologist, a gerontologist, and then a neurologist. I still don’t feel well.

Now, where can I find a specialist to feel well for total human health for the rest of my life?

My wife happens to be a doctor. But, after finishing all that education and training, she decided to become a loving wife and a loving mother/grandmother and a non-retiring homemaker. So, I turn to her for help.

She gave me this:

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights.”

“Therefore, I turned on the lights and started to practice my religion.”

Did it help?

Only time will tell!

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