Joy of Walking

I still find joy in walking. About six years prior today I used to swim regularly almost every day in our local community center. One morning, when I was being examined (regular health check-up), by my regular physician, he noticed something around my ankles and was very surprised. He diagnosed me as suffering from congestive heart failure and sent me to a cardiologist. Post that crisis I do not swim anymore (an individual decision, mine). I started walking almost every day and try to keep up with it. It is about one mile each way. And I have a measured finish line. Only pouring rain would stop me, and of course, medical crisis. I had one that medical crisis about two weeks ago. I could not walk post-crisis. Still I used a walker first few days to walk outside few hundred yards, then bought a fancy cane and started walking a little bit a day. Today I did make it to my finish line in about fifteen days. I found joy, real inward joy.

It is like a ritual to me. I was triumphal with myself.

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